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4 Reasons To Consider Solar For Your New Home Build

By building a new home for a customer, you can do your bit in the fight against climate change. The property can be made from sustainable materials and designed to expend energy as efficiently as possible.

We can also provide you with a reliable set of solar panels for new home construction. Here are several benefits you would be able to reap from installing solar panels at the property…

Solar Panels Offer Cost-Effective Energy

Of course, sourcing the solar panels in the first place would involve some financial investment. However, once photovoltaic (PV) modules (as they are also called) have been installed, they can simply be left to capture sunlight and convert it into energy.

This energy can subsequently power various electrical devices — from toasters and refrigerators to smartphones and speakers — in the home.

No Solar Power Will ‘Go to Waste’

Even if the solar array generates power more quickly than the household needs it, the surplus energy will simply be deposited in the grid and can be retrieved at a convenient later time, e.g. when the sun isn’t shining in the evening.

Alternatively, this excess energy could just be sold back to a local electricity supplier, making the solar PV system even more financially attractive over the long run.

Less Reliance on the Electricity Grid

Some of your customers could still be hesitant about the prospect of getting solar panels — and may ask, for example, if what they gain from the solar array would truly warrant the initial investment required.

You could reassure these customers that they are less likely to find themselves at the mercy of the utility grid once these solar panels are up and running. So, if a power outage strikes in the local area, the customer’s home could continue sourcing electricity just as reliably as before, thanks to those panels.

Solar Offers Valuable Peace of Mind

As word continues to spread about the practical merits of solar energy, owners of a solar-powered house can expect its market value to grow. The solar panels in our own stock are delightfully durable.

It’s also easy to regularly order batches of solar panels for new home construction. As an electrical wholesaler, we have 17 branches dotted across the North Island — and even if you aren’t local, we can send you new solar panels within a day. Why not ring us on 0800 00 12 44 for further details?