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How Many Solar Panels Are Needed For Residential Setups?

The question ‘how many solar panels do I need?’ is one homeowners always face when considering this renewable energy source for the first time. Indeed, for New Zealand residents who have generally used non-renewables like coal and gas for their energy needs, choosing the right number of solar panels for their property can be difficult. 

That’s why we at Scott Electrical are here to help, with this quick answer: residential homes in New Zealand need anywhere from 10 to 20 panels with a capacity of at least 250 watts per panel. How many you need specifically depends on: 

  1. Your Energy Consumption – How much energy does your household consume per day? Higher energy consumption means you’re looking at around 20 panels if your roof size and orientation allows it! 
  2. The Sunlight Availability – The more shading around your property from trees and other obstructions will increase the number of solar panels that you need. New Zealand tends to receive a lot of sunlight, so if your property is lucky to be unobstructed, fewer panels will generate enough electricity to run your household.
  3. Your Roof Size and Orientation – Roofs with more space and that are south-facing in New Zealand can accommodate more effective solar panels. The more space to improve your energy production, the better!
  4. The System Type – Solar panels can either be installed as a grid-tied system or an off-grid system, which impacts how the number of panels required. Grid-tied systems are generally more cost-effective, which allows you to purchase more. 
  5. The Efficiency of the Panels – Solar panels from different brands can differ in their efficiency levels, too. Higher efficiency panels will produce more electricity per square metre, which reduces the number of panels you’ll need overall.  

For a wholesaler that provides solar panels alongside a whole host of products, services and skills for everything electrical, look no further than Scott Electrical. From our comprehensive range of stock to the valuable advice of our on-site professionals, it’s never been easier to switch to renewable energy for your home. 

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