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Potentially Surprising Health Benefits of Ceiling Fans

As an electrician, you might have found many of your customers asking you to provide them with ceiling fans in Auckland, Wellington or, indeed, somewhere else entirely in New Zealand.

It’s not hard to see the immediate appeal of ceiling fans, which work by spinning blades and consequently bringing about an airy breeze. This, in turn, can aid in cooling down the room.

However, as you educate your customers about ceiling fans, you should point out that they are also able to unlock the following health benefits: 

Prevention of Various Heat-Induced Conditions 

It’s easy to underestimate how many adverse health conditions can be brought on just by excessive heat. When high temperatures from outside send them soaring inside, too, the body can end up working overtime in a bid to keep its own temperature in check, potentially leading fatigue to set in.

Of course, heat is also likely to make the body sweat, potentially resulting in it shedding salient minerals it would have needed in order to keep the immune system in top-top shape.

When ceiling fans are in full flow, they are able to help prevent all of this as well as dehydration, which itself can inflict damage to muscles, joints and the liver. 

Fewer Allergic Reactions 

If any of your customers have allergies, rest assured that ceiling fans can reduce how often they flare up. This is because, through getting air circulating effectively, these machines can keep airborne allergenic particles from landing on surfaces in the room — such as shelves, tables and carpets.

Improved Sleep 

It’s possible that at least a few members of your customer base often battle insomnia — but have they realised what formidable weapons ceiling fans can prove in these fights? When these fans whir, they produce ‘white noise’ effective at neutralising other, potentially slumber-disrupting sounds.

Are you keen to stock up on ceiling fans for customers of your Kiwi business? On your request, we can speedily get you ceiling fans in Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua or any other part of New Zealand. To place your order with us, please phone Scott Electrical on 0800 00 12 44.