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Why Electric Cars are the Future

As an electrician, how do you routinely get yourself from your business base to customers’ homes in order to carry out domestic electrical work?

In such instances, it might not be practical for you to simply walk, cycle or use transport. After all, a fair few electrical products and pieces of electrical equipment could often need to join you on journeys. However, chances are you also don’t need quite as much space as a van would offer.

It could make a lot of sense, then, for you to drive between jobs in a car. It can make even more sense for that vehicle to be an electric model. Here are insights into why more and more motorists are likely to go electric — and why you could be increasingly tasked with electric car charger installation work…

Electric Cars are Environmentally Friendly

Compared to petrol-fuelled vehicles, EVs (electric vehicles) can emit roughly 80% less CO2 when driven in New Zealand. One major factor behind why is the Kiwi country typically generating at least 80% of its electricity via renewable means — such as by tapping into wind, hydro and geothermal power.

Electric Cars are Cheaper to Fill Up

The New Zealand government has made rebates of up to $7,015 available to buyers of new EVs priced under $80,000 and with a star safety rating of three or above. It’s also worth heeding that charging an EV at home is, in cost, equal to filling up a traditional car with petrol at a rate of 40c per litre.

Electric Cars Bode Well for Public Health

This shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider that EVs produce far fewer chemical and physical pollutants than fossil-fuelled vehicles. All in all, as the rate of EV adoption grows, we can expect our cities to become cleaner — with positive implications for the wider population’s health.

Looking to add electric car charger installation to your company’s services? We would be happy to supply you with products necessary for making it happen. To have us time-efficiently send batches of EV chargers to your NZ business address, please ring Scott Electrical on 0800 00 12 44.